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There’s an App for that – Maximizing Sales with an iPad

If you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty big fans of using an iPad as a sales tool for photographers.  Here are a few reasons why we think it’s the bees knees:

It’s still fancy-schmancy

We photographers tend to forget that not everyone else in the world is obsessed with the latest gadgetry as much as we are.  Clients are still impressed with the novelty of the iPad and it helps to increase our perceived value in their eyes.

It’s tactile

How many times has this happened to you?  You’re showing a client a slideshow of your absolute favorite wedding or portrait session you’ve photographed and, just as it gets to the epic, hero shot, the one you just know will make them sign on the spot, you notice she’s distracted by an album in front of them.  Even with physical albums, we see them flip past pages without ever looking, because they’re distracted by conversation or, I don’t know, something shiny.  Well guess

what… the iPad is something shiny.  Since switching our planning meetings over to the iPad, we’re finding clients are dra

wn into the process of looking at their images and love the experience of “interacting” with it; they just can’t stop swiping, pinching and pulling their way through our portfolios and pay attention the entire way through.

It replaces expensive stuff with intuitive, mobile stuff

You want to show a slideshow on your computer?  Fire up Lightroom, build a slideshow and show it.  You want to show one on your iPad?  Hit “slideshow” and choose some music.  Oh, and take that slideshow with you wherever you are.  And, using the “Add to album…” feature on the iPad, you can separate “yes” images from “no” images for your clients, right there built into the included software on the iPad (just drill down into an album, click the square with an arrow coming out of it icon in the top right corner of the screen, start choosing favorites, then choose “Add to album…” at the top of the screen.  Name this album and you’ve got just their favorites, all separated for you).

You want to show your client their images on their walls at the right size?  Spend $450-$750 for ProSelect, work your way through the room builder process and show your clients their images on your computer or projector.  You want to show one on your iPad?  Take a picture of the wall or import one your client sent, calibrate the room, and start intuitively swiping collections across the screen.  Drop their images in from on the iPad or from Dropbox.  Do this all in one simple, user-friendly workflow, from wherever you happen to be.

It replaces tons of samples

With large portraits and wall collections taken care of by Preveal, it’s time to move on to other product offerings, like albums and miscellaneous products.  While we admit that it’s not the same as physical samples, a great set of stock photos of your products in an album on your iPad sure is a heck of a lot more portable and a heck of a lot less back-breaking to carry around.

You can take payments with it

Shown them all of their images, picked out their wall portraits or collections and nailed down the perfect album style?  Great, just fire up an app like Square or Paypal and take their payment right on the spot.


So there you have it, some of the reasons we think the iPad is a fantastic sales tool for photographers. Is it the holy grail of photography sales tools?  Definitely not (nothing replaces a swanky, pimped-out sales room with all the bells and whistles), but it’s a fantastic tool that should not be overlooked on your way to that fancy sales room (and, thanks to apps like Preveal, can still be utilized even when you are in your brand-new, fancy-pants sales room).

How else do you use the iPad for increasing sales in your photography business?

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Kayla 'Swanson' Illies -

I have the 2nd generation ipad and I’m not finding the app ‘slideshow’. Where can I find it in the app store, does it have a more specific name? If the 2nd gen doesn’t have it, what’s another good slideshow app that I can do the same thing with?